Saturday, January 16, 2010

UFO's Incentive

I belong to 3 different quilt guilds here in the Ozarks. The biggest one is the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild located in Springfield, MO. Another is the Calico Cut-Ups located down in Forsyth, MO close to Branson. The third is a very small group called Candlelight Quilters which meets either in my home or next door at my quilting buddy's house. Two of the groups have decided to start off 2010 by having each member make a list of all UFO's (unfinished quilting projects) they wish to complete in 2010. For each item on your list you put one fat quarter into the guild's basket along with your list.

As you finish projects on your list and bring your item to Show & Tell, you may cross off the completed item from your list and choose any fat quarter from the basket. This is kinda like a New Year's resolution for quilters! I have 6 things which are in the works right now that I would love to complete this year. I also have a bunch of brand new projects sitting on a shelf tempting me!

My husband is also putting pressure on me to make window treatments for various rooms in our house as we continue to paint room-by-room. Obviously, any time I spend sewing curtains is time taken away from quilting! Life is full of choices.

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