Monday, December 14, 2009


I have decided that my wealth of quilting projects merit their own place in cyberspace to be viewed by more than immediate family and friends. I will be posting pictures of finished quilts and also projects in progress (or UFO's as the quilting world refers to them!). My fervent hope is that people will be inclined to purchase finished items from me, or to commission quilts to be made.

Although I began sewing around 12 years old, I only started quilting in the fall of 2002. I signed up for an adult-ed class offered through the local school district in Northport, NY. Joan Papa was the instructor and she emphasized accuracy in cutting and matching seams. From the start my color selections elicited comments and excitement in our class. Soon my classmates began referring to "Becky Colors" when someone would add some especially bright or bold fabrics to their quilts. My friend, Debbie Cuneo, helped me immensely in learning about color value and hue.

My first quilt was a small crib-size nine-patch done in Halloween colors of black and light orange. The hand quilting design featured a cobweb done from a stencil. My second quilt was a much larger one done in bright colors for my older daughter, Rachel, to take with her to college.

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  1. Yay my friend!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I eagerly await your next post!